Diamondback Saloon

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Commercial Footage


    Just a quick glance

    A short 15 second commercial that you may have seen on your local cable station!

Derringer Videos


    Derringer Live at the Majestic Theater

    Derringer was one of the bands to play at a local radio stations pre-party for Kenny choreograph The Majestic is a 3000 person plus venue that was packed wall to wall for this event. Derringer Rocked It!

    Derringer Live at the WYCD Detroit Hoedown

    What can you say. The Detroit Hoedown is one of the largest country concerts in the world. Derringer is asked year after year to play this event. Literally 10's of thousands pack the downtown Detroit river front to hear music performed by artists from all over the country. This is Derringer and their song "Detroit"

Live at the Diamondback


    With such a huge dance floor you are bound to attract some dancers

    Dancers fill the floor song after song to both the band and the DJ. Our 1300 sq. ft. maple dance floor easily accommodates more than 100 people. Be it line, couples, or freestyle dancing!

    Fun in the aisles and fun on the deck!

    Our indoor area is huge with seating for hundreds of people. Add to that our 2000 sq. ft. deck and you will find something for everyone. We cater to large and small groups to singles and couples.

Line Dance Videos


    Line Dance Classes

    Check out these videos. Our instructors teach the latest dances plus choreograph there own!

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